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Ahllen Marie P. Siscar, MM-BM

· Volume I Issue IV

As I always state my story, I use to mention that entering in the field of education is not my ambition; it is not even my forte. However, I am blessed more than enough when God send me here. Before, I constantly prayed to him to provide me a job where I can do for the rest of my life, where I can be with my family and where I can be of help to many people. And he answered by giving a gift - my teaching profession. I believe he is the one who lead me to where I am now. I even firmly believe that he will guide me for the rest of the time. Therefore, I submit myself onto him. I lovingly spread his words and actions to anywhere I go, most especially in school and at home. I mostly love it when he uses me as a tool here on earth to touch the lives of his people and tell/show care for them. As such, I encourage others to do the same; serve the almighty father by serving his people.

Having a life of a public servant, teaching senior high school students is like having the best of both worlds. My students learn from me and I learn from them. That is how I appreciate education more. We need it regardless of our age, actually, in every stage of our life, since it is a never-ending process. That is why; I heavily encourage my students to consider enrolling in college after their graduation as there are many state universities offering free tuition. I always open their eyes to the beauty of education. They can be whomever they want to be and it will all start by having the best foundation, educating themselves. I also put emphasis that in their hands lies the wealth and health of the nation. They are the future hope of the country. And I certainly agree, most especially today, that the country badly needs them. Therefore, they have to holistically prepare themselves, in order to cure what has been impaired, to restore what has been destroyed and to fill what has been loss. After all, it is but right and just, as a Filipino citizen, to help and stand for our country and beloved fellows. We are one nation. We are one blood. We are one Filipinos.

At the end of my journey, home is where the heart is. Having a simple but happy family added feather in my cup. I consider them as a treasure most precious of all. I can never see myself without them. They are the main reason why I do this or why I do that. Definitely, they are also my inspiration why will I do more, why will I work more, why will I strive more, why will I fight more and many of mores. Success is not success, if you have no one to share to. That is why I considered myself fortunate because I have family. Added to them are my friends and my pets, to laugh with when life is colorful and to cry with when life is the other way around. I may strongly say now, I am complete. Oops! They complete me, correction. I am contented of what I already achieved. I know, in the coming days, I will be showered with more graces in the will of the Lord. Hence, I want to be a grace also to other people in return. I am an instant family to homeless, an instant friend to abandoned/ignored. Everything that comes to my life is a plus from above. This is my favorite part of my very own story, where I usually end with. Because listeners or readers gained a lot of values when it comes to family. Thus, I use to remind my students that if they listen to their family, they can never go wrong. If one consider his/her family, he/she will never regret any single decision. Because whatever happens to me, when I win or when I lose, I always have a FAMILY.