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· Volume I Issue IV

COVID-19 is such a small organism that intensely results a gigantic disaster in all the world by transfiguring all the sectors of the society differently and if truth be told, it is living through the pandemic and leaving all to Providence that make things sustainable. Life dramatically shifts into many other forms because the current situation does not only infect human lungs but also human academe.

Distance becomes a very important word in the adapted online class system for education and there is nothing more theatrical than the drama that transpired in the hearts of many teachers in responding to this case. There is no clear-cut instructions on how one should adjust from the other and looking through the current state, the commitment assigned to teachers becomes even crucial because of their needs to better put themselves forward in order to assure that no student will be left behind.

The need to take shape the role of being educators who respond to the demands of the new normal mode of education paves the way for teachers to cross the borders in making things possible. Trainings, seminars, webinars, and workshops regardless of their convenience or inconvenience become more important than anything for the teachers. It is a fact, that if not for kindness and altruism, how can teachers have the willingness to cope with today’s condition?

Each day happens to be a quest for engaging in various online platforms that will suffice the future needs in education. Attending seminars and webinars on creating an outcomes based online class instructions becomes the teachers’ routine. Studying different strategies on delivering and maximizing the most essential learning outcomes referred by the Department of Education turns out to be a daily target. Upgrading each and everyone’s technological handiness appears to be an act of providing human basic need that is now no longer human luxurious want. Updating constantly on countless programs that will be useful in handling distance learning takes its highest place in all the educators’ minds. Reiterating the process of using video editing software, audio editing tool, online learning platforms and others equates the need to do the household chores.

There are more on the mentioned coping mechanisms that educators carry time after time. Day after day is a concealed struggle for the teachers to face the challenge of dealing to something that has never been experienced by anyone else. Yet, the laborious works on trying to make progress fuel the teachers’ souls to conquer something more everyday because in their hearts possess a definite question, “Are the students worth the thousands of steadfastness?” Absolutely, FFHNAS students believe that the answer will always be “Yes”.