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It’s Just a Matter of Manner!


· Volume I Issue IV

When we were children, we have a class called Good Manner and Right Conduct (GMRC). It teaches us how to be a good citizen to our fellowmen and to our country.

As we progress scholastically, our knowledge on things should be discerning, but it’s the other way around nowadays.

Many have been blinded by too much education that they tend to forget the simple things like being respectful to one another or mindful about environment the environment that we live in. In our current time, the children’s or people’s manner continue to deteriorate.

People have resorted to only playing video games, binging on television or social media that it has created an adverse change in our personality. It deteriorates since we no longer give importance to the basic yet essential values.

One of the many things that we have become victims of our own unprofessionalism or insensitivity are cheating, cursing, and not observing Clean-As-You-Go (CLAYGO). Such negative things caused by our insensitivity not only affect the people around us, but it also hinders ourselves from being a well-mannered individual.

Let us go back to where manners should start – HOME. Whatever we learn at school originated from home, respectively.

The way we are taught by our parents; the way we treat other people or our surroundings; or even the way we handle things on our own, we carry those till we age or whatever path will be taking. For displaying a good manner means more than just being a compliant person; it shows that one is educationally equipped and morally uptight.

Manners remind us who and what we want to be. Manners still matter.