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Vicky S. Dawang

· Volume I Issue IV

Values are one of the leading foundations beyond school premises; it is a binding of the learner’s character in order to attain all-inclusive personal development and within constant discussions about it will bring back further reformations that will round up the progress not only the student but the whole organization, the purpose of this study is to determine the perception of the student of Calamba Bayside Integrated School about the Values Formation program. This descriptive comparative repeated measures proposal study is adapted replication of a reading by Saphiro Et al. This study was just for the Junior High School Students and Teachers in Calamba Bayside Integrated School SY: 2018-2019 who attended some Values Formation Seminars. The researchers get the list of the attendees who attend this program to get the respondents for this kind of narrative qualitative research. She got 14 respondents after the sampling technique that she had used. She used the process of one-on-one in-depth interviews to gather all the necessary information and data for this research. This research about Perceptions of the Students Calamba Bayside Integrated School to Values Formation Program after the in-depth interviews must reveal the expected proposition to the said study is that there is no difference about the perception of the students and teachers in the value reformation program and also must anticipates that the Values Formation Program to their students because it helps a lot to improve the behaviors and attitudes of them and it also enlightens the mind of the students to be open minded to attend and learn more about this program thus, It will benefit a lot especially in terms of being responsible and moral learners and also a son or daughter of the attendees to their every day’s life and can be the key to have a successful life in the near future.