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· Volume V Issue I

In the island of the rising sun,

Where culture and legacy are deeply spun,

Lies the heart of a man, humble and strong,

His language and culture, an endless song.


Hiligaynon, cebuano, tagalog, and more,

Languages that have sung since days of yore,

Each prominent one, with stories to tell,

In the tapestry of the Philippines, they dwell.


In the midst of island, a linguistic bouquet,

An enthusiastic orchestra that never fades away,

With words that chant and phrases that dance,

A treasure trove of tongues, a light trance.


In Bahay Kubo's humble abode,

Old-fashioned stories are bestowed,

Chronicle of heroes and love that's pure,

The rumours of the past forever endure.


In the Balagtasan's poetic clash,

Minds ignite like stars, the room aglow with flash,

Lines and sounds in rhythmic flight,

A celebration of words, like stars in the night.


Bayanihan's spirit, the language relates,

As societies join hands, loves, respects,

They build peaceful homes and dreams, side by side,

For in oneness, the Filipino finds their stride.


Festivals flame, in vibrant shades,

With music and dance, life they embrace,

The language whispers through joyful cheers,

Uniting the nation, disappearing all fears.


So let us enfold the Filipino way,

Protect our languages, come what may,

For in each lyrics and chorus we find,

A heritage that forever binds.