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· Volume V Issue I

In the enchanting island of Marinduque, young Kalix, a curious boy from Manila, was oblivious to the rich cultural heritage of his birthplace. However, destiny beckoned him to discover the wonders of his island home.

When Kalix's parents decided to embark on a vacation to Marinduque, the young boy's inquisitive nature took hold. "What is Marinduque?" he asked with genuine curiosity. Responding to his question, his parents lovingly explained that Marinduque was a small province, known for its exquisite heart-shaped island. Intrigued by this description, Kalix delved into research about Marinduque, and what he discovered left him utterly spellbound. The island boasted vibrant cultural festivals celebrated annually, and its stunning beaches stirred his soul. Filled with anticipation, Kalix eagerly awaited the day he would set foot on this magical land.

As the morning sun rose on the day of their vacation, Kalix's heart danced with joy. Completing his morning routine with haste, he consumed his breakfast, his excitement barely containable.

"Mom, dad, I can't wait to go to Marinduque! Tell me more about the festivals and the beaches!" Kalix exclaimed, his eyes shining with anticipation.

"Oh, Kalix, you're in for a treat! Marinduque is famous for its colorful cultural festivals like the Moriones festival. And the beaches, they're like paradise. You'll be amazed!" his mother replied, her voice filled with enthusiasm.

"That's right, son. Marinduque has a unique charm that you'll soon discover. Get ready for an unforgettable experience," his father agreed, a smile playing on his lips.

Everything fell seamlessly into place, and they embarked on their journey to the majestic island, their car engine humming with anticipation.

Upon reaching the port, they boarded a grand ship, ready to traverse the vast expanse of the sea and reach the island. Kalix's face radiated delight as he marveled at the massive vessel, which even offered comfortable rooms for rest.

"Wow, look at this ship! It's huge! And we have our own room too! This is going to be an incredible adventure!" Kalix exclaimed, his voice filled with awe.

The soothing sound of the waves crashing against the ship's hull enhanced his blissful state. When lunchtime arrived, he eagerly joined his family for a meal, cherishing every moment.

"Kalix, can you believe we're on our way to Marinduque? Just imagine the delicious seafood we'll have once we're there!" his mother teased, a twinkle in her eye.

"Absolutely, and the fresh sea breeze, the salt in the air. It's a truly remarkable experience," his father added, his voice filled with excitement.

After a few hours of anticipation, they finally reached their destination. Kalix couldn't contain his excitement and hurried to the restroom before fully immersing himself in the breathtaking introduction to the island.

"Wow, this island is absolutely stunning! Just look at those crystal-clear waters and the lush greenery. It's even more beautiful than I could have imagined!" Kalix exclaimed, his eyes wide with wonder and amazement.

As they embarked on their journey to Brgy. Hupi, located in the town of Santa Cruz, where Kalix's grandparents resided, his mother seized the opportunity to narrate the captivating tale of the Moriones festival set to take place during the holy week.

"Kalix, during the holy week, Marinduque comes alive with the mesmerizing Moriones festival. People from all over wear masks and costumes resembling Roman soldiers, taking us back in time," his mother explained, her voice filled with anticipation.

Kalix's eyes sparkled with excitement as he responded, "That sounds absolutely incredible, Mom! I can hardly wait to witness the festival up close and experience the magic for myself!"

The long-awaited day of the festival finally arrived, and Kalix and his family embarked on a joyous journey to the town square, where the vibrant plaza burst to life with the sight of majestic Morions.

"Look, Mom, Dad! The Morions are everywhere! They look so mysterious and fascinating," Kalix exclaimed, his voice brimming with awe as he pointed at the captivating masks adorning the festival-goers.

Father nodded in agreement, a smile playing on his lips. "Indeed, Kalix. Each mask holds a story, and the energy in the air during this festival is truly electrifying."

Days passed, and Kalix's excitement continued to surge. On the penultimate day, he eagerly anticipated the grand reenactment play, knowing it would be an experience to remember.

"Mom, Dad, this reenactment play is going to be absolutely epic! I want to capture this moment on my phone," Kalix announced, holding his phone tightly.

Father gently placed a hand on Kalix's shoulder and said, "Remember, my son, sometimes it's best to fully immerse yourself in the experience, to feel the energy and emotions firsthand. But by all means, capture a few photos so that we can treasure the memories together."

Indeed, the journey back home became a joyous symphony of animated conversation, with each family member sharing their thoughts and impressions of the wondrous performance they had witnessed.

"Wasn't the play extraordinary? The actors' performances were so lifelike, I was completely captivated from start to finish!" exclaimed Kalix's mother, her eyes shining with delight.

Father nodded, his voice filled with admiration. "Absolutely, my dear. The attention to detail was simply remarkable. It truly brought history to life before our very eyes."

As the holy week drew to a close, Kalix and his family reluctantly bid farewell to Marinduque. With heavy hearts, they waved and kissed goodbye to their beloved grandparents, their parting words filled with a sense of longing and gratitude.

One last gaze at the island, and with a mix of nostalgia and hope, Kalix shouted, "Goodbye!" His voice carried across the winds, a testament to the profound impact Marinduque had left on his heart and soul.

Years passed, and Kalix discovered true happiness as he embraced his roots and built a beautiful life with his loving wife and twin children, a boy, and a girl. Determined to immerse his family in the enchanting culture of Marinduque, he made the heartfelt decision to relocate them to the island that held their heritage.

"My dear children," Kalix spoke with affection, gathering his family close, "let me share with you the wonders of Marinduque, our beloved island. It's time for us to create our own memories and celebrate the rich traditions that have shaped our identity."

His wife's eyes sparkled with anticipation as she joined in, "Together, we will explore the vibrant festivals that paint the island with joy, dance freely on the sandy beaches under the golden sun, and treasure the cultural treasures that flow through our veins."

Gazing lovingly at his children, their innocent eyes brimming with excitement, Kalix whispered, "Someday, my darlings, both of you will don these costumes, just like the Morions, and proudly showcase to the world the exquisite beauty and magnificence of Marinduque's vibrant culture."

Their faces lit up with delight as they eagerly exclaimed, "We can't wait, Dad! We'll become part of this extraordinary legacy, preserving and continuing the traditions that make our hearts beat with pride."

And with that profound moment, Kalix realized that his journey in Marinduque had only just begun. He knew that his heart would forever be filled with love, heritage, and the promise of an awe-inspiring future in this heart-shaped island that truly belonged to them.