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by: Engr. Oliver S. Dimailig & Mrs. Mylene P. Mendoza-Dimailig

· Volume V Issue I

Never shall we be ashamed of our native tongue,

Wikang Filipino, mirrors where our culture is hung,

Speaking these beautiful phrases, proud and young,

Our voices resound, the richness of our heritage sung.


No silence can stifle our speech,

Embracing the power our heritage can teach,

In Filipino words, unity we reach,

Defying mockery, our cultural roots breach.


For our language is a treasure so grand,

Mirror of a rich culture, held in our hand,

In foreign lands, where new paths expand,

We hold tight, our legacies firmly withstand.


This new land may try to oppress,

But we cling to our roots, refusing to acquiesce,

Within our language, our cultural finesse,

Reclaiming our identity, a boldness we possess.


Unashamed, our voices echo loud and clear,

In Filipino phrases, our pride draws near,

Our native tongue, a reflection of who we hold dear,

Resonating our souls, our cultural frontier.