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· Volume V Issue I

Filipino language, reflection of culture,

Reflects the soul of a people’s nurture,

Its words and rhythms embody traditions,

That bind and define Filipino ambitions.


From Tagalog to Waray, Ilocano to Cebuano,

Each tongue speaks of every unique Filipino,

Brimming with warmth, hospitality and grace,

And a love for life that cannot efface.


In every dialect, there is a story to tell,

Of a people’s history, their rise and their fell,

Of struggles and triumphs, of joys and sorrows,

And of how they emerged from their tomorrows.


The language is a tapestry of beliefs and faith,

Of customs and rituals that permeate,

The Filipino way of living, of being,

And of how their hearts keep on beating.


It is the language of the barrio and the city,

Of the farmer and the fisherman, the worker and the deity,

Of the young and the old, the rich and the poor,

And of the diaspora, who keep coming back for more.


So let us celebrate the Filipino language,

For it is the mirror of our rich heritage,

And through its words, we can proudly proclaim,

That we are a people of culture and of fame.