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· Volume II Issue III

Putting   smile on the faces of both learners and teachers is essential in   teaching-learning process for smile reflects joy and satisfaction in the   acquisition of quality learning. 

    This is one of the core reasons   why Mr. Miguel B. Ularte, Education Supervisor I - English chose a project, Crafting A Module As Supplementary   Material, that will surely bring smile to teachers and learners in their   daily lessons. To this, the proponent of the project had chosen Gov.   Feliciano Leviste Memorial National High School as the experimental school to   craft a module and to test its effectivity for English Grade 8 entitled   “Project SMILE (Supplementary   Materials In Instilling Learning Experiences) which aims to augment the   growing needs for instructional materials in the Division of Batangas   Province. 

   There are 1,539 Grade 8 students   in GFLMNHS wherein these learners have no books or other learning materials   in English. Because of this everyday problem in their English classes, the   learners have become inattentive and less focused in their lessons.   Difficulty in searching for additional activities and downloading materials   based on the K to 12 Curriculum to assist the need for enrichment/   intervention is one of the many problems met by the teachers. Thus, mean   percentage score and proficiency level during quarterly assessments and daily   performance are very low compared to other learning areas where learning   packages are provided. 

    These scenarios led the English   teachers to come up with supplementary materials to help both the teachers   and the learners. Through the abled leadership of Dr. Aprilito C. De Guzman,   GFLMNHS principal IV and Mrs. Mary Jane D. Baral, HT VI of English   department, GFLMNHS English teachers readily agreed to the proposal made by   Mr. Miguel B. Ularte, EPS -I in English of Division of Batangas Province to   craft a module that can help them address their problems through Project   SMILE. 

  Through this module, it is   expected that the results will be beneficial to both teachers and learners   resulting to better the quality of the teaching learning process.