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· Volume II Issue III

Have you remembered the days when our world stopped revolving and even our time was not working? Those were the days when we experienced community quarantine. We were locked in our homes and we have to put our masks on. It seems like a nightmare but it gave us a beautiful and remarkable lesson.

It all started in year 2020, a history was written and inculcated in every memory. The tragic entrance of volcanic eruption was shadowed by Covid-19 pandemic explosion.

Almost everything has come to an end: businesses, offices, churches and even institutions. With this picture in mind, we can conclude that our world was just an illusion which made people live in a place of confusion.

People started to live in fear and worries. It was really a threat for millions of families, especially those who were affected by “no work, no pay” restricting policies. Panic buying became a trend and an icon which caused bigger problems to equal consumption. Poor families lived in hunger and thirst, until the government decided to prioritize them first.

Despite all of these, Filipinos stood tall. In times of pandemic, they faced against it all. They shared their hopes, dreams and compassion by helping and caring for others to union. Planting, workout, tiktok and online selling became the most famous and common routine. Filipinos always find the joy in every sorrow, consistently enjoying the rain and wait for brighter tomorrow.

Later on, another door was surprisingly opened. It was October 5 when education was calling. DepEd Secretary Leonor Briones announced that the school year has officially opened. It signifies the formal start of the country’s transition to distance learning.

“We declare our victory over COVID-19”, she said. Working to abridge education was the best to comprehend. Education must continue and bid Covid-19 adieu. Teachers started to make a new story together, a new chapter of life, they gave hopes and dreams for millions of learners.

Beforehand, the teachers were already learning in webinars and in virtual meetings which showed how they really embraced consistent changing. They never let the sun down without doing something around. Yes, they were so busy working with modern and a vast profound.

DepEd adopts alternative work arrangement for the teachers to express their genuine commitment. They exerted more effort in preparation, learning the new ways of new normal education.

Day and night, they are thinking too loud. With there in mind, some MELC and some BOWs. They really studied the framework of lesson exemplars until they met IDEA and WHLP on the bars. Teachers wielded on different surveys. They retrieved responses in different ways by reaching out to parents, guardians and pupils to prepare them in platform in which they really feel.

Definitely, the survey entitled for a decision. A decision of community to choose among the learning platforms: modular, TV- or radio-based instruction, online, or a set of combination.

The journey of educators did not stop at all until they delivered good quality education. They undertook learning delivery course, as preparation for teaching and learning process of course!

And today, as the battle continues, teachers are still working vigorously on the good path they chose. Enduring the modern distance learning and developing the new normal world of teaching.

From all the obstacles narrated, it was them who struggle for many, sustaining their work despite of their personal fear and their tireless effort that no one can hear. Standing for commitment is definitely a success, especially when almost everyone was emotionally and psychologically depressed. Teachers were born to be the toughest. They know how to adjust, to adapt and to conquest. Life must be continued as to education must be grown.

But what makes this pandemic so terrific is the role that the teachers played which is an epic. We don’t usually see them in the baseline or frontline because they are busy working hard to push us into the finish line. They wanted us to end up this enormous pandemic by the strength we have to face the world of eccentric. Teachers are indeed TEACHERiffic.