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· Volume II Issue III

John Dewey once said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”. Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs and habits. Education is very important for all of us. It can make one’s life better. It plays a vital role in one’s personal and professional life. That is why, it should be given proper importance by everybody. It is the only thing that parents can give to their children that cannot be shared, given or stolen by anybody. Education is essential, education is life.

The educational system in every country around the world, including in our country is really affected by CoViD-19 pandemic. The pandemic has caused some changes in our educational system both in basic and tertiary education. Because of the current health crisis that we are experiencing, the Department of Education is really doing its best for the sake of the learners, teachers and other personnel. The department really planned and implemented some actions in order that the education of the learners will continue despite the pandemic. Education must not be stopped; it must be continued. That is why the department is doing everything for the continuity of learning that uses alternative learning modalities just like modular instruction and online learning.

The usual face-to-face classes are replaced by distance learning. The usual school-setting classes are replaced with home-based learning. This is because the department is really concern with the health and safety of the learners, teachers and other personnel. The department is ensuring the continuity of learning for the learners and at the same time protecting the learners, teachers and other personnel from CoViD-19.

The battle cry of the education department is learning must continue despite the existence of the pandemic. The education of our Filipino learners must continue adhering to the directive of the president of our country that is to protect the safety, health and well-being of the learners, teachers and other personnel. The Department of Education has adopted multiple learning delivery modalities in order to continue the learning of our Filipino learners. Some of the distance learning modalities adopted by the Department of Education are modular distance learning, online distance learning, radio and TV-based instruction and home schooling. Schools in the country are given the freedom to choose what kind of distance learning modality to adopt depending on their situation and capacity. Education of our learners must be continued even if schools around the country are closed due to the pandemic.

Education in times of the pandemic must be given proper attention by everybody in the community. The Department of Education cannot do all these things without the help and support of every Filipino citizen. There must be the participation and cooperation of each and every Filipino in order to continue the learning of the learners. It must be a collaborative effort of everybody in our country, from the government officials up to each and every ordinary Filipino citizen. Every Filipino citizen must help and support the government, particularly the Department of Education which is the primary government agency in our country which is the in-charge of the basic educational system in our country.

Let us all be united for the sake of our Filipino learners. Let us be one in helping and supporting the continuity of learning despite the pandemic. Let us unify ourselves in ensuring the continuity of learning for our learners. Let us remember that in unity, there is strength. So, let us unite ourselves for the new normal of our educational system. Let us sincerely pray to God Almighty that this pandemic will come to its end so that everything, including our educational system will be backed to normal.