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· Volume V Issue I

In the tapestry of the island's soul,

Filipino Language, a treasure to extol,

Mirrors the richness, a culture whole,

A symphony of voices, a vibrant scroll.


In the rhythm of each spoken word,

The stories of ancestors are heard,

Tales of heroes, battles, and grace,

Etched in the language's embrace.


From Luzon's peak to Mindanao's shore,

The Filipino tongue we all adore,

With words that dance like waves at play,

Uniting hearts in a unique array.


Bisaya, Tagalog, Ilokano's pride,

Waray, Kapampangan, all side by side,

With languages diverse, we stand,

United as one, a nation grand.


In the Salakót and barong's threads,

In the epic chants where history treads,

In folklore whispered by elders wise,

The Filipino language never dies.


Its syllables carry a legacy,

Of resilience, faith, and unity,

Through centuries of joy and plight,

It binds us all, day and night.


As we speak the words of our land,

The culture's roots, like trees, expand,

Enriched by customs, art, and lore,

A vibrant tapestry to adore.


Filipino Language, a mirror so true,

Reflecting on our heritage in all we do,

With pride, we sing its melodies,

A language that mirrors our identities.