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· Volume V Issue I

The Southern gale zinged across

the orange-streaked sky as the

cicadas hummed their one-note song,

carrying the flurry of Filipino words

arcing up the horizon, as it magnified

the glowing embers in the cellar of our resilient souls.


It rolled melodiously, framing the

tales of our ancestors’ heroism, unearthing

our vast Filipino culture in kaleidoscope motion,

as Juan and Juana danced gingerly unto the

rhythmic beat of Filipinos’ tongues, beholding

the promise of tomorrow and new beginnings.


From dusk ‘til dawn, we diligently hustled,

as we fervently yearned for our loved ones afar.

Soon, the sky turned ruddy, catching a glimpse

of our heroes’ valor, their words resonated like

an overactive bass pounding across our native land.

Their courage spoke volume to us, mirroring our redefined strength.


Our native land was teeming with hope and glory,

through the Filipino language we’d never be asunder.

The iridescent glow of our rich culture hung across

the dome, as the shadows of our history moved

in a fleeting motion, reminding us that the roots

of our culture and language were deeply embedded in us.


The eagle flapped its majestic wings as Juan and Juana

continued to dance into the beat of swaying bamboo trees.

Across the vast Pacific Ocean, fishermen yodeled in delight

as they felt the heavy mass bulging in the net, soon it burst,

only it wasn’t a fish; but a myriad of Filipino words, shimmying

as they wounded their way unto the delicate tongues of newborns.


The setting sun pinwheeled its orange streaks, embracing the glory

of tomorrow waiting beyond, rejoicing of another day that concluded.

There was a whorl of blue, red, yellow and white, diffusing all over the land,

as it soon crystallized over the edifices mounted all over our country.

Juan and Juana beamed with pride, basking at their solidified countenances.

Hearts under their sleeves, they lost themselves into the song of our land.