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· Volume V Issue I

In these majestic isles, beauty unfurled,

Where waters interlace with ethereal gold,

A tongue blooms, dazzling, and refined,

The Filipino language is a mirror of the mind.


Through legends, tales, and ancient folklore,

Embedded in an old-fashioned syllabic score,

Our history’s heart, our cultural treasure,

Rooted deeply in each poetic measure.


In dulcet strains of patriot's delight,

Skirmish cries resounded through the night,

The cadence of illustrious Philippine history

In patriotic soul, runs freely, endlessly.


In waltzing words, scripted and spoken,

Verses weaved, where vivid dreams awaken,

In a stroke of a pen, an amazing masterpiece starts,

The Filipino language binds each other’s hearts.


Through hymns that climb and prayers that rise,

The Filipino language takes our spirits to the skies,

With every single speech and expressed rhyme,

Our Philippine culture lived the test of time.


In harmony and peace, Filipino unbinds,

The power of language that intertwines,

We, Filipinos, sincerely and proudly embrace,

Our everlasting heritage, a timeless grace.


So let us cherish and nurture with pride,

The Filipino language that our hearts abide,

Through every word and syllable, legacy is secure,

The Filipino spirit is ever strong and pure.