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· Volume I Issue I

Fear not about what will be lost, when nothing is gained.
For it is one's empty hand that can hold the bounty of heaven and of man,
and not the hands too occupied to gather more profits.

It is to those who listen that people whisper their agony
and not to the ones that insist on hearing
and fail to desert reason
As I say to you, for us to understand a fool's lamentation,
we must empty our head with burden of ego.
That makes you equal to the content of his brain, but makes you overflowing with sympathy of your heart.

It is to those who are robbed that a cloak is given
and not to those who are dressed in thick garment;
for he who is bare, can feel the warmth of another,
and the coldness in one's voice,
and not the one who wraps himself in a translucent pride.

It is the one who goes in front of the herd
that makes his sheep move at his command
and turn him to a leader
and not the one who waves his hand
and propels it with an indecent tone of a boss.

The bible teaches us to humble ourselves
for it is those who are looked down that men will raise
and those who resemble a giraffe's neck
will be humbled.
IT WILL as the Law of Physics then Applies - WHATEVER COMES UP GOES DOWN
So does the tall bamboo which tries to kiss the cheek of heaven, bow to kiss the ground...