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Janice R. Geli

· Volume I Issue I

‘Twas a clement summer evening when all but a shadow stayed

A golden memoir, a piece of thought came running all again.

Words all but slip of tongue staggered an innocent blood to jail

A death for birth, renewed, alive, ensures unregimented breath.

Defense gives final argument, to case restricted for years

Behold the one whose justice gives, a lady so greatly grieved

For she alone her one true love shall condemn all laws unjust

For one who couldn’t say the words, untarnished truth and right

As she stood amidst the crowd, a bewildered look appeared

Brows curved and both swelled crimson, such gloom at once revealed

“For who would ever let go of him, so fond, so sweet, so real

I could speak higher than he does, but he was Father dear!”

The prosecutor stood at last, condemning eyes latched at him

“Do you accept that you killed the child, a daughter same as yours so dear?”

He stared at me as thoughts sprung, his sanity seemed to flee

He answered thinking not of fate, “I did it. Yes, I did, you see.”

The crowd then roared with conjecture the prosecutor carried on

“Then why do you have to kill the child?” interrogation filled the hall

My father but remained unmoved, as though he did not know

The death that waits as for his fate, deafened by crowd’s bellow

The words which ushered him to death were all spoon-fed by power

For so he recognized no truth, so did he tell no further

That it was all an accident, to which he’s not at fault

But threatened, he confessed the crime, admitting it as told.

My father’s hands then trembled, agitation took him now

“Maybe everyone’s right about that see. So no more now. No more!”

The crowd grew anxious as he broke down as if a child who lost

The battle he will win not once, a scuffle of minds and words.

The terror not for fear of death but in deserting his only child

With clasped hands he fell on bended knee as plea to lenient heart.

“My precious jewel, forgive me, I was a loving cretin”

I know not same as you do, but I grasp love that’s for certain”

‘Twas then the last time she saw him; both lived their separate lives

To claim the lost time coveted, two decades after, she stands

To win the case long abandoned, and win him this time around

She stood amidst despite the crowd with poignant countenance

The judge pounded the gavel, a gesture of trial inception

“The court remands this case, and demands a re-investigation”

It accepts his disability, his unfit mental situation

The court then finds him not guilty. I welcome no objection.”

Immediately tears welled her lids, a sign of pitiful joy

Amidst the verdict and scorn alike, she smiled yet seemed forlorn

She handed her hands to the judge to extend congratulations

With heavy heart, she smiled at once, both anguish and celebrations.

“I was but an ordinary child with love that nurtured me strong

With every touch and kiss of him, I grew fond of singing a song.

I used to weave a dream of life with breath and morning caress

For long he soundly lies next to me, so long I live no less.”

“Yet through the battle we both fought, we’d always try and lose

But at this very moment now, we’ll die as we rejoice

Life may be fair but sometimes not, for justice belatedly served

I rejoice for now, yet cry alone, I lay footprints towards his grave!”