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· Volume II Issue III

In order to deal with the normal setting of education today, as teachers, we should learn how to make self-made videos that inspire students at all levels to learn at their own pace and develop their skills.

Videos and audiovisual materials increases the imagination and attention of students and can result to direct learning. Video would certainly be a perfect opportunity when it comes to keeping students interested and involved in class activities.

Here are some tips on how to make educational videos:

1. Design your video content

Outline your goal. What do you intend to accomplish? Before going on, you need to know your goal. You must mention precise expectations and make comprehensive preparations for how you intend your video to look. Write down a script and make a list of everything about your video that you need and want to use. Identify the viewer. Use the power of emotions This will help you get the video in front of your target audience.

2. Make it Short

Keep your educational videos short but entertaining. Educational videos alone are means of amusing the class or making a project enjoyable. However, making it too long will make it dull, defeating the whole purpose of it.

Shorter videos are easily learned by learners. Instead of making a single long video, if you have more material, just make several short videos.

3. Utilize Visuals and Images

If you were to only add texts, you'll simply use PowerPoint. But, that’s just boring and defies the entire point of using educational and learning videos. This also means you ought to use the maximum amount visuals and pictures as possible. This ensures that your video is interactive also as being informative.

4. Using Proper Captions and Text Slides

To better illustrate the material through the video, use captions and text slides. When combined well with graphics and photos, texts will add life to the video. This also give support to the body of video you are making.

5. Use different Application available

This can enhance your video. Editing video will help you get a very satisfactory result as it elevates the quality of the video you make.

6. Make it simple

Just be yourself. The last tip here is all about being yourself. In today's day and age, though making a video is not a big deal at all, many of us might still be anxious about the entire thing. Simplicity is generally easier in most situations. It would be easier for the audience to grasp if you keep it straightforward and just be yourself. It also gives your instructional video a personal touch, which is always a positive thing.