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The Influence of Politics in the Educational System

Norwin V. Roxas

· Volume I Issue IV

The Education for Self-Reliance (ESR) policy booklet published in March 1967, argues that the policy aimed at re-defining the purpose of education. It aimed at eliminating colonial education system which aimed at inculcating colonial attitudes of human inequality and domination of the weak by the strong.

It can be noted that in the Philippines, the people are well aware of the many different happenings all around brought about by the different forms of media- print, radio and television.

Technology has also added more access to information through internet and the use of cellphones. The Philippines has even been tagged as the Texting Capital in Asia.

Being aware of the environment, the Filipinos are also well indulged in the political sidelines. The Filipinos, including pre-schoolers can even talk about Maute Group and the OplanTokhang.

Politics is very popular in the Philippines and so it affects the many aspects of the society.

Political influences in education can be very helpful as when it comes to the many projects that politicians can contribute to many school and educational organization. Many politicians help in the construction of school buildings, purchase of office and school equipment or even giving out school supplies for schoolers.

Politicians, especially those whose jurisdiction runs through your school, can provide the outside sources for funds, logistics and even training.

In our municipality, we normally seek the help of our local barangay officials during activities that need community support, like Early Registration, BrigadaEskwela and OplanBalik-Eskwela. The local officials can provide the authoritative figure to influence parents and other stakeholders to support and participate in such activities.

We can also ask for the help of our political figures to help in initiating various school programs and projects – financially and technically.

Harmonious relationships between the school and our community political figures can be very healthy, especially when both institutions are tasked to promote the welfare and well-being of everyone in the community – and that includes the learners and the school staff.