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Strengthening Innovation for a Reformed Curriculum

Nova G. Martinez

· Volume I Issue IV

It has always been an old cliché that change is the only thing constant in this world. Everything changes – life changes….people change….times change….but then, amidst the countless changes and innovations that happen in the many different parts of the world, change is not anymore the matter at hand. These days, the kind of change and how it affects the human kind and everything that surrounds it is something more important than just mere change.

Changes…advancement….innovations are all very significant in shaping the future of this aging world we have. We all need innovation in the different aspects of life in order to survive the fast-paced and digitally dominated world. The very courses of study and fields of education should also get at pace with how the world continuously changes. We all need to strengthen every bits and pieces of innovation people come up with in such a way that we can also make changes in the curriculum that guides our educational system.

It is important to note that innovation and our curriculum should go hand in hand with the changing times and evolving world. Strong innovation should also seek to affect a reformed curriculum that can be our greatest tools and dependable armour as we travel the paths of inevitable changes and unlimited possibilities waiting for us in the future.

A reformed curriculum can help better prepare the younger generation for a more complex and challenging world ahead of them. Innovations in medicine, machine and technology can boost the growth and development and can help develop more enlightened minds and hearts geared towards building a better nation in the future.

As we say that changes are inevitable…..changes are thing constant in the world, we do not have any choice but to go with these changes and make sure that they all work for our advantage.

Strengthening innovation can really put our reformed curriculum forward and a better world realizable.