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· Volume II Issue IV


Rationale of the Study 

Building such partnership requires an enlightened vision, creative leadership with multifaceted roles for professional who work in school and community as well as for all who are willing to assume leadership in pursuing program and project to reload the problem of inefficiency, and scarcity. Such interrelationship would be characterized by building a genuine sharing of responsibilities by both parties to ensure collective effort to address to the guest for quality education. This fruitful endeavor enables them to pursue community objective to support the school system by way of improving physical facilities, instructional materials for the development of an effective and conducive teaching learning process to create an impact to the pupil’s academic performance.

The school community partnership is the connecting link toward the realization of the expectation of both school and community leader for which to provide an opportunity for working together in order to initiate and develop activities that would help the school to provide efficient, effective and quality delivery services to the service clienteles’. 

In line with this, cooperation and partnership that would create an impact to establish close affiliation and partnership is needed to be successfully accomplished with their entire task and develop the whole community to become responsive to the school needs that will provide support to enhance teachers and pupils development through collective effort of its members. It was stated that strong connections of school and community was leads to a higher extend of pupils development. This observation will show that communities must share their part to be actively participate in all program and project implemented by the school.

With the strong connection that link between the school and community. The school must assert his/her role and function as prime movers for social mobilization to establish linkages with various government and nongovernment organization in school to seek financial and materials support from them that will flowed back to the program and project of the school for which to improve the delivery of services toward quality instruction in order to improve the performance of the learners in term of knowledge, skill and values. This is the essence of school community based linkages is to support what is needed of the school to sustain growth and development toward quality education of the learners through collaboration and linkages.

It is with in this premise that this study is all about to determine and strengthened the school-community based linkages in District V Manila will be undertaken.

This study is anchored from the theory of cooperation by Gardner (2009) which states that cooperation and collaboration increase the productive success of the actor’s social partner. This theory will relate to the present study because it can be used by the school administrator in establishing good rapport to the people in the community to establish effective channel of communication to target partners relative to the school and community program and projects.

Cooperation and collaboration between the school and community is needed to establish harmonious relationship and to become responsive individual that will provides opportunities to create an impact and help to support program and project to enhance the academic of performances of the pupils as well as for the improvement of the physical facilities of the school.

This change process that will involves participative goal sitting for choosing the course of actions and decision making to the followed by them. They are more likely to fulfill this commitment and responsibilities by way of performing their roles and functions particularly for the school improvement.

It is within this concept that school heads must sit and work with community and other stakeholders to establish strong connections with them beneficial to the interest of the pupil for which to enhance the quality education. Henceforth, it is the duty and responsibility of the school heads to bring out the school closed to the community for proper coordination to address issues and problem toward intensive development.

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