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· Volume II Issue IV

This study looked into the lived experiences of fourteen (14) senior high school students in Bukal Sur National High School Candelaria, Quezon which exploring depression. The research design used was qualitative with phenomenology as the approach. Using the interpretative phenomenological approach, the study generated five superordinate themes as follows: Ways in Handling Sadness, Start Feeling Depressed, Thoughts in the Mind, Stabilizing Feelings and Emotions, and Social Support.

The first theme reflected that senior high school students can handle their sadness in diverting their attention in varied activities such as listening to music, reminiscing memories, going out with friends and others. A second theme, most of them based on their assessment to themselves that they exploring depression. The third theme aforementioned that it was started in problems encountered in the family, school, personal worrisome, and even challenges in new normal setting due to pandemic. On the fourth theme, when they explore depression they reveal that they think of misdeeds such as suicide attempts or harm people while other try to calm and control themselves. But in a way, they have a strategy to stabilize their feelings and emotions in talking with friends, relaxing and thinking positively, and inhale, exhale and pray. Under the fifth theme, in regards to social support, they concealed that they need help and guidance even though they have received uphold from their friends and family. 

A program enhancement or intervention guide will be useful to guide parents, teachers, and students to prevent depression were proposed in this advocacy that can be provided by our community and institution.

Keywords: Depression, Phenomenology, Lived Experience, Senior High School Students