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· Volume IV Issue IV

The grandeur and the splendor that lured us all

Geared all folks to soar and roar

Like Conquerors ride roughshod over vanguards squad

Whatever it took, triumphs could talk


The road is straight but destruction is wide

Narrow is the road, winding is for life

False teaching is reigning because Gods’ truth is hidden

Let us learn to yearn, for the truth is unlearn


Impression is lasting but not all is casting

Mammoth deception is happening with sensationalizing

Intention of the heart is unseen but it is believing

All is wrecking for Gods’ wrath will be pouring


Hearts, mind and actions are not in their precision

Result will be commotion in many areas of aspiration

We should have the gumption to thrive in this situation

Life is beautiful but full of deception


Deception is forming in its almost final phasing

Vile affection is given to the unbelieving

Some are hoping for Gods’ enveloping

Prophetic time is almost fulfilling, God we pray for your healing