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Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School


The descriptive-qualitative study determined teachers in instant gratification: their work ethics and community involvement as bases for human resource development program in Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School during the school year 2022-2023. It was found out that their views on instant gratification generation was a generation who lived with internet and technology, answered questions in mind instantly, had one satisfaction right away, and loved to get right feedbacks. It was also found out that as to the characteristics of instant gratification generation teachers, they wanted feedback for improvement, looked for ways to achieve and worked with technology and social media. During the in-depth interview with the participants, it was found out that Science teachers’ ways on how to value work were to learn new things and find opportunities, value the love of work, and give the best in everything. Their ways on how to involve themselves were joining voluntarily, organizing community activities, and participating and supporting community activities. These were all manifested during the conduct of the in-depth interview with the participants.

Keywords: Instant Gratification Generation, Work Ethics, Human Resource Development Program



Technology in education, through discussion and collaboration tools, connects learners who may not have thought of or have no opportunity to help one another. This is one of the main advantages of technology in education which indeed benefits teachers.

Teachers can use online collaboration tools and course management systems to organize learners’ materials and give feedback. This makes it easier for teachers to keep an eye on data regarding learners’ performance and analyze trends over time to figure out what aspects of the course that need to be changed.

Technology can also be used to support teachers. For example, if teachers encounter technical issues during the discussion of the lesson, they can use digital methods to get in touch with it. Subsequently, it can establish a remote connection with educators' computers and promptly resolve issues, thereby averting half of the class period spent on problem-solving. Teachers can work with other academic staff members and educators to make sure the department continues to move in the direction of its objectives (Chazen, 2023).

Teachers live in the times of technology in which every daily routine seems automatic to them. Cellular phones enable them to communicate anytime and anywhere compared to the classic mailing system which takes days to deliver the message. Also, the internet makes tedious trips to libraries unnecessary as they can access a variety of information using the computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Most of the things teachers want are almost acquired instantly, which is good in the times where everything must be fast including the attainment of their wants and needs. However, the growth of automated systems in this generation fostered the powerful drive in them to attain everything they want immediately. It nourishes their sense of instant gratification (Hreha, 2023).

Instant gratification is not necessarily a bad thing, since in primordial times, it is essential to people’s survival. However, it is opposite to the value being taught to us by our parents and ancestors such as delaying gratification which is related to self-control (Kendra, 2018).

This value taught them to delay immediate reward with the goal of the achievement of better rewards later on. This is related also to an adage, “Patience is a virtue” but thanks to technology, they are gradually running out of patience and sense of self control (Alsop, 2012).

The researcher personally observes that teachers who belong to this generation are relatively unique, useful and productive.

The group of Science teachers who belong to this generation are considered assets of the department and the school as a whole if they properly utilize and manage themselves well by effectively knowing the characteristics and ways of controlling themselves for the benefit of the learners and to the majority of the entire teachers of the school.

Due to these observations and in depth-interview with the Science teachers of Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School, Cabatuan, Iloilo, the researcher would like to determine the instant gratification generation teachers, their work ethics and community involvement as bases for human resource development program.

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