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Take Action against Teachers’ Cash-Strapped

Helen L. Venus

· Volume I Issue I

      The country today is trying to uplift the economic status of every public school teachers. It has been a dream of long ago that no more teachers will be bondage with loans from lending institutions. Yet, that dream is still a dream. For how could we fight poverty if our salary is not enough for our daily needs? Every family of public school teachers are struggling and sacrificing in order to share something for the less fortunate pupils, for classroom structuring , for instructional materials and for the time that is much spend in school than home.
We keep on blaming our politicians and leaders for being blind of teachers’ plea. They have been saying that teaching is a notable profession but why is it that teachers are the lowliest in terms of salary. Yes, teachers can’t do anything-we still bondage in poverty forever of today we remain the the noble and the less paid professionals of the country. Why not help out and answer the teachers’ plea. If only the government can hear our cry there would be no teachers living in poverty.
Nevertheless, the government can help our teachers cash strapped if they are willing to take action and find ways to lift up teachers’ dignity.