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Spiritual Intelligence and Adaptability Quotient of Public High School Teachers in the District of Marilao: Inputs for Spiritual Motivation Development Program

Maricar G. Agustin

The researcher looked into the respondent’s Spiritual Intelligence and their Adaptability Quotient using descriptive-correlational research for an in-depth analysis. In this study, the researcher utilized standardized tests to 183 teacher-respondents through census sampling using the Integrated Spiritual Intelligence Scale (ISIS) by Joseph Yosi Amram and Christopher Dryer and the BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory:Short- EQ-i:STM Adaptability Quotient Scale by Reuven Bar-On. Focused groups discussions were also conducted to strengthen the survey findings. The gathered data are presented in textual and tabular form with the use of statistical treatments, such as weighted mean and Pearson-R.

The researcher found out that the teacher-respondents possess a modest level of Spiritual Intelligence in terms of Consciousness, Grace, Meaning and Transcendence while the domain Truth needs

further enhancement and development. The study also revealed the respondents capability to cope with change through their Adaptability Quotient. Consistent with these findings, the researcher discovered that the Adaptability Quotient and Spiritual Intelligence level of the respondents have significant relationships.