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(Improvement on Students Always Late In School)

An Innovation Program for Students’ Tardiness

Reynaldo E. Casing


Tardiness is the habit of being late or delaying arrival. Being late as a form of misconduct may be formally punishable in various arrangements, such as workplace, school, etc. (Wikipedia)
Tardiness is a form of misconduct listed in the school rules and regulations and punishable depending on its grounds. Tardiness is explained during the start of classes specifically in students and parent’s orientation.

Issues being Addressed

Several studies have shown that school tardiness has a negative impact on learning outcomes. By the mere nature of arriving late and missing school hours, students receive fewer hours of instruction than students who are in class before the time. But not only does a student who is consistently arriving late to school establish bad punctuality habits, tardiness also disrupts the learning of other students in their class. (
Since time immemorial, students late in class are always the problem of every school. Carlos P. Romulo Senior High School (Former Bagong Pag-Asa Senior High School) is no exemption when it comes to student’s tardiness. This is the reason why the proponent conducted an innovation program that would address students’ tardiness. This innovation will help the school to lessen if not totally eradicate this bad habit through concerted effort of all people inside the school.
The title of the innovation is: ISALI sa SKUL (Improving Students Always Late In School): An Innovation Program for Students’ Tardiness.Add paragraph text here.