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SHAPE THE WASTE FOR THE BEAM (Batang Enrileno Aming Minamahal


Enrile West Central School as an institution, responds to the worldwide call to save the earth and protect its resources from irreversible exhaustion and extinction through the school-wide Solid Waste Management Program which aims to develop a community of caring and dedicated stewards of God’s creation. It intensifies its campaign with concrete actions towards a clean, orderly and safe school.

The unsound management of solid waste is one of the most serious environmental problems, given its high negative impact on natural resources and human health. Therefore, it is necessary to foster a culture at schools, aimed at alleviating the environmental and social problem caused by trash.
This project holds that the way to address Enrile’s waste problem is by educating the public, heightening environmental awareness from an early school age. The implementation of environmental education programs at schools will help to drive the necessary changes in environmental policies regarding the management of rural solid waste.
The Shape the Waste for the BEAM (Batang Enrileno Aming Minamahal) project corresponds to the plans and programs set out in the School Improvement Plan, and the Solid Waste Management Program, that seek to foster the engaged participation of pupils, parents and teachers, and build environmental stewardship capacities and to generate funds for the purchase of additional educational technology for the Special Education class to be utilized in the teaching-learning process.