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· Volume II Issue IV

Information is widely availabe and can be accessed easily as one, two, three. The widespread used of the internet and the social media change inevitably how people connect, interact and communicate to one another and impact the access of information drastically. Information overload became difficult to disinguish its credibility due to prevalent fake news, hoax stories, revised edition of data and opinions. Once an information is uploaded on social medias unprecedented speed of exposure comes next. Due to the popularity of the different social medias and with the advance of the technology more people are link and involve in using them.

As the informations are easily available on the internet and even through all the social media platform fake news and irrelevant informations are really unavoidable. Most of the learners, parents and guardians have their own social media account. Misinformation can influence users, and eventually can be manipulating.  Hence, innovations on making official electronic page for information dissemination of pertinent and authentic information is highly recommended. Relevant informations to learners, parents, guardians, teachers, administrators and even the community must be prioritize. It is the key factors to link genuinely to learners, parent and the community on the information regarding the school. 

Created official page will show important news, events and updates about the school endeavors. It provides an access to quality information amidst the pandemic situation through this kind of innovation. Creating an official page can be done in many ways. There are a lot of application which offers free of use and free of charge in creating an official page. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Site, Wordpress, Wix, etc. Any of these can be used, nevertheless the key point here is delivering quality information to recipients.