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· Volume II Issue IV

The number of out-of-school youth in our country is increasing rapidly each year and according to the Department of Education it is seen to reach four million because of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic. Aside from this very reason poverty and indigency are also indestructible. In this time of pandemic everyone is ought to endure and keep on moving even when it comes to learning. As we face the new normal variety of learning modalities were established so that the teaching and learning process will never stop. However, unavoidable situations may still occur like having an increasing number of out-of-school youth.  As the technology evolves the usage of computer spreads extensively. It is undeniable that it reaches the education sector, businesses, supermarkets, malls, banks, churches even at homes. And with this reason, as an educator I believe that every learner should be at least computer literate to cope up with the emergence of the era of technologies.

Computers are known to be efficient and effective in finishing certain tasks. It also makes errands faster and easier to accomplish. Computers are well used and in demand in every organization, firms and businesses that is why it is necessary to us to have basic computer skills. Knowing how the computer works and operate them properly. Computer literacy helps enhance efficiency and productivity. The workflow and overall experience within the workplace will be enhanced. Computer literate person can produce more accurately and faster in a shorter amount of time and freeing up some resources for a specific task. To do so, proper trainings and workshops can be done. 

Learning extension on Computer Literacy Program for the out-of-school youth specifically on your local area (your barangay) is a great opportunity for Community Based Project. Educators can extend their community linkages through conducting community based project intended for a specific recipient. The Computer Literacy Program is a simple act of initiating, involving and showing unison among the community. People especially the barangay councils, the consent of parents/guardians to take part in convincing the out-of-school youth to actively participate in the community project can make a big difference. This can be a great help to the out-of-school youth to access free education on computers, to practice skills and competencies and to be knowleadgeable enough in the basic of computers. The proposed community project can be helpful to assist the out-of-school youth to be computer literate, to make them cope up with the trends, to equip them the basic computer operation and prepare them in finding computer related jobs.