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· Volume III Issue IV

As a result of COVID-19, a lot of things have been altered. The epidemic has affected everyone, from people's everyday lives to their occupations and education system has been also affected. The lockdown has been in place for quite some time. For over two years, students have been absent from physical school. The epidemic has prevented our children from attending school. To avoid catching the virus, several measures must be done. As a result of this, schools have been forced to close. Because of the epidemic, everyone had to adjust.

Progressive expansion of face-to-face classes have lately reopened. Face-to-face Learning Modality is increasingly being offered in low-risk areas where COVID-19 is less prevalent. Schools that have reopened continue to take precautions to protect the health of teachers and school children. There are several actions that must be accomplished because of the desire to reopen schools. Before starting school, both teachers and kids must be immunized. The safety of children and teachers is prioritized. Facemasks and other forms of personal protection are essential. There are also sanitation and cleaning procedures in place. Within the classroom physical distancing must be observed. Classrooms must also have enough ventilation.

The secretary of education stated that they are trying to strengthen blended learning as more schools open up for face-to-face sessions for basic education. Some students will continue with modular learning through online classes. Students will not be left behind. Every pupil is entitled to an education. Teachers will continue to instruct pupils even if the pandemic persists. Education will continue regardless of the epidemic.

Education is vital. Educators continue to do their best to help students learn even though we are in the midst of a pandemic. Education will always remain as long as we exist, regardless of the situation we are in.