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· Volume V Issue I

In the realm of culture, a mirror brightly gleams,

Filipino is woven into our dreams.

A vibrant tapestry, depicting stories untold,

Enshrined in each word, a heritage to behold.


Through characters and symbols, ancient wisdom thrives.

Unveiling our history, where tradition survives

With every stroke and curve, memories come alive.

A language that connects, a treasure to revive


In philosophies and thoughts, your essence takes flight.

Through poetry and prose, our souls find respite.

In diverse tongues, a common heartbeat beats,

Uniting our people in melodies and feats.


Each word is a brushstroke, painting vivid scenes.

Revealing emotions, like rivers and ravines.

From joy to sorrow, the spectrum of human plight

The Filipino language is a prism of light.


In the cadence of speech, our culture finds its voice.

Expressing love, resilience, and choices.

Through idioms and proverbs, wisdom is imparted.

A language of the heart, where values are charted.


Though oceans may divide, our language remains.

A thread of connection, despite distance and plains.

Embedded in memories shared by the diaspora,

Filipino language, our heritage, forever flora


From ancestral homes to bustling city streets,

Your resonance persists in every day's beats.

A symphony of words, embracing diversity,

Enriching our culture as a source of unity.


Oh, the Filipino language, a mirror of our soul,

Preserving our identity and making us whole.

A treasure to cherish, a legacy so grand,

Reflecting our culture, woven into every strand.