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QuaranTRAINING Amidst in Enhance Community Quarantine


· Volume I Issue IV

New normal life of people due to covid19. How this is called a normal life? First you can't get out of the house if you do not have a quarantine pass, only one person can have a family quarantine pass. All establishments are closed to safeguard health and prevent the spread of covid19. Public or private students use the Deped commons to still have knowledge even inside their home.

Teachers and other non-teaching staff starting April 15, 2020 have come up with webinar trainings to keep them active and up-to-date even when they are at home. Covid19 has not been a hindrance to provide more knowledge and information for teachers. This can be used in their teaching especially as most schools, teachers and students will have an online teaching and discussion.

The DepEd EdTech Unit led by Sir Mark Anthony C. Sy and his colleagues gave their time and expertise in their respective fields to educate the public and private teachers through webinar trainings.

Also the. PAOER Inc., Instabright and other organization that provides webinar trainings to public and private teachers, school heads and non-teaching staff. Through webinar trainings, teachers are becoming more and more familiar with the use of technology. Such activities are very much enjoyed by the attendees because they have learned so much and are really helpful for their teaching or school work.

Thanks to these organization who make this work for everyone. There is a saying “Sharing your knowledge is caring”.