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Health versus Wealth:

Which Matters Most?

Aiverene E. Manansala LPT, MAED-EM

· Volume I Issue IV

A breaking news shocked our countrymen about this historical epidemic Covid 19 assaulted our beloved country. Rapid changes and protocols disseminated by our government. In order to ensure and protect the welfare of every Filipino people. In line with this, the acuity of the society might be divided into two ideas. Health versus wealth, which matters most?

People who value most of their health would undoubtedly follow rules obediently such as social distancing, washing hands, wearing mask and staying at home. They don’t want to risk their lives so they are cooperative and supportive to our compassionate government. People on this group also alleged that health is wealth so they are taking care of their bodies and make their immune system strong and healthy to fight diseases.

On the contrary, the second type of people value most the significance of wealth. Believe it or not there were numerous of people still continuing to earn money, opening their small business, doing business transactions online etc. without hesitations or fear to acquire or get infected of this scary epidemic Covid 19.

However the reason behind was simply because they need to support their families for cost of living like bills, medicine, toiletries and food. Additionally, maybe food packs are insufficient to sustain their needs, and only selected people received financial assistance from the government. Subsequently, they do not have a choice but to menace their lives and their health.

At this instant how can we say that “health is wealth”, if these two words might be in contrast.

As an educator which somehow affects and touch lives of learners, parents and community, maybe it is time to clutch over which matters most? Think deeply and choose wisely. What is the best for us? What is the best for our family and for our community? We have to discipline ourselves. Be helpful, cooperative and open minded. Let us make a difference, not just for our own sake but also for our family, and most especially for the healing and survival of our motherland. Above all of these let us remain calm. Let us keep in mind that the Creator of heaven and earth, the alpha and omega, the author and the finisher of our faith is absolutely a true living God. He knows our prayers and tears. Let us stimulate our faith to Jesus Christ our Lord who can make miracles and wonders at this plague time.