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Project PArent Support TEam (PASTE)


· Volume IV Issue III


Distance learning presents incredible challenges and opportunities for teachers, parents and learners. It calls for great flexibility and resilience in a sudden change of catering education to learners. Teachers have been working hard preparing activity sheets, answer sheets, learning materials, distributing and retrieving learning packs and monitoring learning progress of every pupil.

The school recognizes the role and support of parents in the successful implementation of the best fit learning modality in every learning station.

DO No. 54, s. 2009, Revised Guidelines Governing Parents-Teachers Associations (PTAs) at the School Level reiterates under its General Policy item No. 1- Every PTA shall provide mechanism to ensure proper coordination… and provide assistance and support to the school for the promotion of their common interest; Item No. 2- The PTA shall serve as support group and as a significant partner of the school whose relationship shall be defined by cooperative and open dialogue to promote the welfare of the students.

Domain 6 of The Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST) affirms the role of teachers in establishing school-community partnerships aimed at enriching the learning environment as well as the community’s engagement in the educative process.

Recognizing the role of parents as indispensable element of educational communities and an “arm” of the school in its solemn duty as pillar of the educational system, Project PASTE (Parent Support Team) has been conceptualized and organized.

Project PASTE aims to create opportunities where parents and teachers can work together, create harmonious relationship, build trust, respect and share responsibilities in the preparation, distribution and retrieval of learning packs (SLMS, activity sheets, answer sheets and other learning materials), communicating with parents for the benefit of the learners.

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