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· Volume II Issue III


1.1. Background

Community Extension comes in many forms of assistance in a community such as medical, financial, educational and more (Ano, 2015). Institutions in the Philippines have their own Community Extension Offices which implements community development and outreach programs. These offices are the facilitators of such programs to be able to address the pressing needs of their adopted communities.

Most community extension offices/services aims to conduct research-based community development programs for sectors of the society that are in need; strengthen linkages with other institutions; and increase self-awareness. Academic institutions are one of the social agents that can enable change in the community (Dilao, n.d.).

Serviceability is one of the core values of PATTS together with Patriotism, Adeptness, Trust, and Thoroughness. Service is giving of oneself for the welfare

of others as PATTSeans believe that service is synonymous to stewardship. They are stewards who are responsible for helping men with integrity and commitment.

Long before the creation the Social Orientation and Community Involvement Office (SOCIO) in PATTS, plenty of outreach and community extension services and activities were conducted through the initiatives of student organizations, faculty, employees, and alumni. During the Academic Year 2014-2015, PATTS aimed for a new direction which emphasizes Community extension, thus, the creation of the Community Extension Services Unit (CESU). After a year, realizations for strengthening community extension activities set in. A new name for CESU was established, it was now named the Social Orientation and Community Involvement (SOCI) which initiates community extensions, services, and outreach projects. The SOCIO basically coordinates with different organizations, offices, and departments within the college for their implementation of programs, activities, and projects concerning livelihood, decent work and economic growth, sustainable community, responsible consumption and production, climate action, environmental protection and enhancement, cleanliness and sanitation, proper nutrition, good health and well-being, gender equality, reduced inequalities, peace, proper justice, sports development and others. The programs and services are now bound to be more systematic and holistic. The shift was focused on better transformation to improve quality of life and engaging people toward sustainable development. In 2019, the SOCI came up with the “PATTS Program” which stands for PATTSeans in Action Towards a better Transformation of the Society. The said program is now being implemented in two partnered communities, a fostered garden, and a partnered school.

The SOCIO provides various opportunities to the PATTS Community that aids them to participate and be involved in programs for the community that help in economic growth, including job opportunities, in attempts to end poverty. This paved a way for the development of the basic student and teacher off campus activities into a full-blown service to the community and to the nation. The SOCIO is guided by its goals for the PATTS Community, for the partnered community and the country. Its goals for the PATTS Community are to promote civic engagement and social awareness and responsibility; encourage strong individual attachment to their community; develop and fine-tune communication, collaboration, and leadership skills; enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills; learn more about social issues, their root causes, and potential solutions; have an opportunity to meet interesting people and expand network; and for the students, build connections that can potentially lead to future employment, for the teaching and non-teaching personnel, build connections that can increase serviceability. Furthermore, the SOCIO’s goals for the partnered community and the country are anchored on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goald (SDG) which serves as a guide to attain better and brighter futures for everyone. The SDGs address the global challenges we face, such as those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice” (, 2015).

The pressing needs of a certain community is not the sole basis of community extension services but also the mission-vision of the learning institution (Gonzalez, 2009). The main vision of SOCIO is to be a powerful support in social upliftment and in meeting local and national challenges and opportunities. For the partnered community, its vision is to be a community with sustainable sources to support physiological needs, a strong security and safe environment, fulfilled social belongingness, established self-esteem, a high level of individual potentials, and well-rounded citizens. Furthermore, for the PATTS Community, SOCIO has three visions: 1. to transform professionals dedicated to share their abilities, resources, and trainings to promote quality of life, human advancement, and development of the country; 2. To be lifelong learners – to enhance not only their social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development, but also self-sustainability, as well as competitiveness and employability; and 3. to be better and well-rounded citizens of the community and the country.

SOCIO’s main mission is to strengthen and improve the community of PATTS College of Aeronautics in working for the better transformation of everyone’s lives through the engagement of people who share the same mindset – of possessing the core values of the College. Its mission for the partnered-community is 1. To help in the upliftment of a community’s economic standing through employment, other job opportunities, or establishment of enterprises; 2. To assist the City of Paranaque, as well as its neighbor cities in the clean-and-green campaigns; 3. To promote a smoke-free and drug-free environment within the community and the country; and 4. To work hand-in-hand with the local and national government for the development and innovation of the community and the country. Moreover, SOCIO’s mission for the PATTS Community is 1. To support PATTSeans in developing a wholesome personality and sound moral and spiritual values as they engage in serving the less fortunate in the community; 2. To help recognize their own integral role in the growth of the community and the country; 3. To promote awareness of and develop responsibility for the Philippine socio-economic situation by confronting basic community problems to improve quality of life; 4. To nurture PATTSeans’ sense of volunteerism towards service to the nation, especially the less fortunate in the community; 5. To instill among PATTSeans a strong desire to improve and maintain sanitary environmental conditions; and 6. To develop sense of achievement and pride in doing tasks using their own skills and competencies in helping the poor so that they may live with dignity and integrity.

The mission, vision, and goals of the SOCIO are centered on what the PATTS Community values: positivity, engagement, transformation, innovation, collaboration, God-centeredness, and empathy.

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