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· Volume II Issue IV

How many times have you heard about passion in teaching? I am sure you’ve heard of it many times in seminars, speeches, teaching and coaching. Passion is the first thing to consider before choosing a profession. In teaching, it is a motivating factor that pushes us to perform our job better.   Passionate teachers tend to undermine the challenges and difficulties in the field because the key is, they love what they are doing. They even welcome these challenges and see opportunities from it. Opportunities to develop and enhance their knowledge and skills in teaching. We can see these kinds of teachers in our workplace. They are very active in teaching, extracurricular activities and in school organizations.

During this pandemic, I heard some news in television or social media about these teachers who ran an extra mile in their services to the children. They are heroes indeed in this very difficult times. These kinds of teachers are very impressive because they have the heart to put their lives at risk just to reach out to these pupils who hardly cope up with the lessons. They even extended goods to the families who were hardly affected by this pandemic. 

These scenarios made me question, what made these teachers do extra ordinary things in this extra ordinary time. These made me realize that it is not just a passion to really made greater impact to our students. We must add the spirit of servanthood. I believe that these extra ordinary teachers do not just focus on performing duties of a teacher merely based on their job descriptions. They have the minds that think of the welfare of all the children and the heart that desire for the students’ brighter future. They have the heart that love them, willing to extend whatever they have with the conviction, “serving students is a way to serve the country and above all God. “

There are many teachers who are doing extra ordinary things in this crisis and I have high appreciation for them. Furthermore, I appreciate those teachers who serve our children in silence and full dedication. They are the real heroes, who have the strength and capacity to over come obstacles by having a strong mindset and emotional fortitude; while battling their own hardships in life.

Let us all remember how Jesus Christ has become the greatest teacher of all time. May we follow His humbleness, His wisdom and devotion to everyone who needs guidance. May our passion as teachers be inspired by His examples, and never give up on our students like He never gave up on us.