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Ignorance exists in the realm of human sanity,
Manifestation is visible like fire’s fury.
Human race has gone worst to its hellion stability,
I tell you, in the pursuit of who matters, all is guilty!

Einstein’s theories, Shakespeare’s masterpiece,
Bill Gates’ riches, Hitler’s leadership,
World superior-born humans, earned worships.
Less fortunate, God-less men,
World unknown humans earned deafening silence.
Unending darkness, hearts not mend.
Lives end like a seedbed, abandoned, no essence.

We, at the bait’s nook of wrong notion,
Of one must be superior, be valued.
Then, bury fruit of spirit to complete oblivion,
Human rationality is a senseless phantom.

Hatred chases love. War screams peace.
Cruelty needs compassion. Prayer resists evil.
Sensationalized world beliefs never freeze,
Humanity falls on its own lease.

Same ground, same air.
Each has own soul to spare.
Who is who? Does it matter?
Picture the basic, and see it’s fair!

Divine power, supreme deity's hands
Created the universe, no one can comprehend,
Brought human life in His image and likeness,
Universal truth, as it was written.

Human ways deal with complication
When the analogy of the Great known is this simple,
“To be valued as a human,
One must be human!”