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Computer-Based Instructional Material in Teaching
Science for Grade 9: It’s Acceptability

Borallo, Easter B.

This research aimed to design, develop, and evaluate the acceptability of computer-based instructional material in teaching Science Grade 9 in District 1 of the Division of Caloocan City during the school year 2016-2017. Specifically, it sought to evaluate the acceptability of computerbased instructional materials in teaching science grade 9 as assessed by Administrators and Science teachers in terms of content (objectives, learning elements, activities, application, and evaluation); and forms (clarity, presentation, navigation, and usefulness). Furthermore, it also sought to evaluate the performance of students before and after using the computer-based instructional materials. A descriptive design and purposive sampling technique was used in the study using a pretest, posttest, and survey questionnaires. Results showed that the developed computer-based instructional materials were very acceptable for use in terms of content and forms with an overall computed mean of 4.10. Furthermore, the developed computer-based instructional materials were highly acceptable for use by grade 9 science students as supported by the mean scores of the pupils that increased from 14.18 to 36.34 which obtained a high performance from 64.18 or average to 86.34 interpreted as closely approximating mastery in their pretest and posttest results respectively.