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· Volume IV Issue IV

To the One who made the planets,

What You had in mind is beyond human comprehension,

No matter how science continuously persevere,

It cannot fully explain the wonders of your creation.


To the One who made the earth,

I have so many queries about everything in this world,

Is it worth it to build such an amazing place,

Only to be destroyed by us in the end?


To the One who made the sun,

Facing dawn makes me anxious,

I have always failed You,

But how come You never once gave up on me?


To the One who made the moon,

The silence of the night uncovers my fears,

You comfort me by giving light to my path,

Why has Thou chosen me even though I am with filth and darkness?


To the One who made the stars,

How many light-years are You from where I am right now?

I marveled upon the fact that You know how many points of light are placed in the night sky,

And that You named each one of them, just like us, whom You called Your own.


To the One who made the galaxies,

Your grace is abundant and it never cease,

Your love is unconditional,

The peace in times of a great trial.


You are the epitome of humanity,

The promised fulfilled,

Compassion and kindness radiate in You,

And I continue to live my life in humble service to others.