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· Volume IV Issue IV

My journey is no extra-ordinary.

My pathway is not of a lesser way

I toil the soil like a courageous boy

I float like a buoy but I submerge like an alloy


My aspirations are with complications

Like changing times with arduous application

I nimble especially during the time when I don’t tremble

I stumble when seemingly, I cannot hurdle


My values and virtues emanate from intrusion

Comparable from my faith and my soul that are inseparable

I live by believing and not merely by seeing

I learn to hope, the blessed hope


My pains and aches are part of my forming

The more excruciating the result is far reaching

I abide in myself in my simple abode

I am not alone because to the Lord God Almighty I belong


My heart is sometimes deceiving

My mind is always wandering

My focus is sometimes wavering

But I am always hoping for the “Blessed Hope” is coming.