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· Volume V Issue I

In Marinduque's land, a tale unfolds,

A festival of wonders, stories untold.

Moriones, proud name it bears,

Where culture and tradition intertwine like prayers.


Streets alive with vibrant hues,

History's scent, legends it brews.

Carved masks adorn each face with care,

Revealing mystique in this sacred lair.


Oh, Moriones, where heroes arise,

The past never fades, its spirit never dies.

Warriors of faith, armor bright they don,

Seeking redemption in daylight's pure sun.


From town to town, they march with grace,

Recalling Christ's passion, hallowed embrace.

Crowds gather, eager to witness the scene,

Devotion's spectacle, where faith convenes.


Through narrow alleys, the procession weaves,

A fusion of pageantry, soul perceives.

Faithful throng, gathered in prayer,

Hymns fill the air as they move with care.


Drums resound, ancient beats echo near,

Resurrecting the past, history made clear.

Moriones, a tapestry of tales it weaves,

Threads of ancestral trails it receives.


In Marinduque's embrace, time stands still,

Tradition dances with indomitable will.

Hearts touched, from elders to children,

Preserving heritage none can smother, hold.


So let us celebrate this festival grand,

Honoring Moriones, a cherished brand.

In this rich tapestry, roots we find,

Testament to a land where traditions enshrined.