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· Volume II Issue II

“The only constant in life is change” – Heraclitus. Change differs from one person to another. It can be positive or good or the other way around, but regardless of that, CHANGE as what Heraclitus said, is the only constant in everybody’s life, change is inevitable, and it is something that we need to embrace and co-exist with and this year as we all know brought about so many changes that turned things topsy-turvy.

As mentioned above, “New Normal” signifies that change that almost everyone is experiencing now, and this phrase has been word of mouth by everyone across the globe. This new normal setting existed and affected almost everyone and everything, and the educational sector is not excused on this. This year is way too different from the previous school years that we have. The normal setting that everyone is used to had turned upside down. Parents are now the ones going to schools, and students are confined at home. Parents become the teachers, and homes become their classrooms. Books become supplementary learning materials, and modules are now the main source of information for the learners. The physical classroom becomes virtual, assignments are being submitted online, and classrooms are no longer filled with the noise of students chatting and laughing but with the deafening silence of an empty room. Another change that everyone in the ministry of education has, including parents and learners, is the change in the modality of learning.

In lieu of face-to-face learning, which had been the most utilized mode of learning for decades, distance learning was introduced. This modality for the majority is a new learning experience because we are all used to having face-to-face classes where we get to talk, collaborate, ask questions, do activities, listen to discussions and take examinations with our classmates inside the four-cornered classroom. Of course, with the presence of the teacher roaming around facilitating the class. This present situation we have is undoubtedly a rocky road for everyone. Students, teachers, and parents are admittedly affected tremendously because of this sudden change in the teaching-learning process. This unprecedented time that resulted in the new normal created huge questions in the minds of the students and, most especially, the parents. How will the students learn? Is distance learning efficient? Will the Department of Education able to adapt and implement this kind of modality? Will this mode capable of making learners globally competitive? And can this way of teaching the learners still has the power to provide quality education? These questions are valid and acceptable, but these cannot be answered overnight with a simple yes or no. Though answers for these questions cannot be effortlessly formulated, a positive response is still possible, and these answers remain unto our willingness to make the best out of this difficult situation because of no matter what modality the institution provides if we do not give a fair share of responsibility and obligation if we do not do what is needed to be done none of these modalities whether face to face, distance, or online learning is possible and effective.

In conclusion, the modality of learning is just part of the whole learning process, and this school year will only be successful amidst this crisis if we will do our part to make things work, to make things possible because in spite of these changes, YOU are still the driver of your own growth and learning thus the answer is in US.