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· Volume II Issue II

Every single person is a soldier, and the world we are in is the battlefield. We are all soldiers, and we need to fight courageously for our own lives, dreams, aspirations, or visions to stand out and not be defeated by these unseen adversaries. But how do we fight for these aspirations? Where do we get our weapons? Does everyone have the ability to fight? Do we have equal access to our armors?

In the Philippines, everyone desires a quality education because, in the first place, a decent education is a right of every Filipino regardless of race, color, origin, or even social rank. For me, quality education is our best weapon, a weapon that can defeat the most toxic situation that the majority of the Filipinos are in. An armor that will certainly help everyone to get through the grip of poverty and even discrimination. Every Filipino believes in the power of quality education. It can elevate us from various deprivations and scarcity in life and just like the famous mantra of every parent to their children that "Education is the Key to Success." But given the situation we are in right now, with this vast crisis that we are forced to face, how do students attain meaningful learning? How do schools deliver a proper education? And how do parents provide support to their children's education?

Covid-19 created a dreadful situation for the education system. It brought a sudden change to the usual way of learning. It temporarily shut thresholds of learning institutions. Classrooms are now digitalized, students' learning space is in the comfort of their own homes, learning for students becomes more difficult to attain, and parents are obliged to become more involved in their children's learning. These are just some of the impacts of this catastrophe that compelled everyone to find and create ways to continue education. Schools turned to printing companies, and teachers become writers to ensure that this pandemic will not hinder us, especially the children, from having practical learning this school year. This pandemic may have created a negative impact on our lives. However, the Philippine Government and the Department of Education are still upholding their commitment to providing quality education to all students. The "No Child is Left Behind Act" is still in the core of education.

This is our battle and a fight we must altogether win. We may be having difficulties or a rocky road. Still, we can always attain the best education even in this new normal as long as we do not let go of our responsibilities and oath not just to our country but also to ourselves. Learning does not only exist in the four-cornered classroom. This is not only delivered by schools, not only found in textbooks and other learning materials. Educators are not the only teachers we can have, but all of this can be seen and attained in our own homes' comfort. Quality education is not the sole duty of the school or teachers; instead, it is a shared responsibility amongst stakeholders.

As Nelson Mandela says, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world," therefore, hold on to that weapon and never let go.