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· Volume IV Issue III


This study assessed the English language Proficiency of the Freshman Maritime Students of Concord Technical Institute during the First Semester, Academic Year 2011-2012 as basis for reading exercises. This study includes the specific sub-problems with regard to the English proficiency level of the identified freshman maritime student respondents.

The study examined 50 student respondents who were determined in a simple random sampling technique. For the students’ profile, 34 or 68 percent students’ respondents got the highest percentage aged from 16-20 years old and 49 respondents who were males. The mean ages of the respondents were 18 years old. 47 or 94 percent students’ respondents who are married while three (3) or six (6) percent students’ respondents who were single. For the religious affiliation, Roman Catholic ranked highest which got 48 or 96 percent students respondents and for the language or dialect spoken at home, Bicolano got the highest rank which was 41 or 82 students’ respondents. For available multi-media and other forms of reading materials, cellphone got the highest rank which was 30 or 60 percent students’ respondents. For the Proficiency level of the respondents, Grammar got 59.93 percent or Fair. For the reading comprehension, noting details got 77.20 percent or very good, getting the main idea got 65.33 percent or fair, making inferences got 66 percent or good, defining and classifying got 73.50 percent or good and sequencing got 42 percent or Failed. The proficiency level of the respondents is Fair.

Based on the result, there was no evidence to support that grammar and reading comprehension were associated with dialect spoken at home namely: English, Filipino, Bicolano, Waray, and Ilonggo.

The result of this study showed that there were significant relationships in Digital Camera and English magazines as to Grammar Television as to reading comprehension.

Keywords: Maritime Instruction, Integrative Blends in Maritime Instruction; Descriptive Survey; Cebu, Philippines

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