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· Volume IV Issue I

Who would have thought the world could change,

could put so much fear, could shatter many dreams

but a race with heroic blood and a nation with so much faith

could do so much more, could withstand all the pain.


When Yolanda came, when Odette hits

When Covid was rising, when inflation breaks

I heard of stories of heroic deeds

Filipinos are helping Filipinos, in times of need.


When we all lost our jobs because of pandemic

When there was nothing on the table, when we could hardly feed

A good Samaritan, put up a community pantry

giving food to passersby, sharing goods to all in need.


What did our teachers do when we needed to close our schools?

What did our physicians and nurses do when our hospitals were full?

Have our teachers not taught online, so that children could learn?

Did our doctors and nurses not risk their lives, and not braved the rain?


In my hometown, a village was wiped-out by a dreadful mudslide

A child lost a father, and a husband lost a wife.

Yet, no matter how tragic their situation is, they can still wear a smile

They have found comfort in one another and have never lost sight.


Indeed, to be a Filipino is such an honor and a pride

We are a nation of strong people, a nation of great minds

Like a herd of Tamaraws, that protect each other in the wild

Filipinos are family oriented undeterred in the test of times.