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· Volume III Issue II


The study aimed to determine the experience of selected elementary grade teachers in the new normal using blended learning modality. 

This study is limited to fifteen (15) teacher-participants who have experienced in using blended learning modality in the new normal in a public elementary school in the Cluster 1 District, Schools Division of Taguig City and Pateros. The researcher utilized the non-probability sampling specifically the purposive sampling technique in determining the participants of the study. The study used the semi-structured interview to gather the needed information to determine the challenges of teachers in using blended learning modality in the new normal.

The study found out that the (f=7, 46.7 percent) of the participants are in the age range of 31 – 40 years old, followed by 26 – 30 years old (f=5, 33.3 percent) and few (f=3, 20.0 percent) of the participants are in the age range of 41 – 50 years old. These results suggest that most of the participants are young adults and have been in the teaching profession for a good number of years. More so, most (f=9, 60.0 percent) of the participants are female and followed (f=6, 40.0 percent) male teacher participants. It may mean that the study is a female-dominated research. Likewise, eLearning - technological & Digital platforms and applications gained the most results because it is easy to access by the learners at home. It can be said that teachers acknowledge that it is an efficient way of delivering courses online. Whereas, due to its convenience and availability, the learning materials are readily obtainable everywhere and at every time.With the rise of health crisis experienced by the learners, face to face or physical learning could not be possible, so teachers should do their responsibility to further improve the performance of pupils through attending seminars and trainings concerning on the digital platforms, interactive activities and various approaches that could bring them to quality learning. Also, there are some teachers utilizing different digital applications and educational resources that can help them in teaching learners in this time of adversity. Then, Information indicates difference between the experience of teachers before and during the pandemic. It may mean that teachers, learners as well as the parents work hand in hand in order to adopt the new normal education which everyone opted to learn in adopting the digital era while working and studying at home. It can be concluded that majority of the participants are young teachers and have been in teaching career for several years and is dominated by female. “Blended learning modality is one of the effective learning deliveries that could lead to quality learning; promotes deeper learning, reduce stress, increase learner’s satisfaction, and teachers become more engaged with their pupils; and offers diverse educational approaches that engage tech-savvy learners.”


Asynchronous Learning, Blended Learning Modality, Experience of Teachers, Instructional Development, Synchronous

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