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· Volume III Issue II


Family is the basic unit of society, the most essential component of a country. A house is not a home unless there were family that lives on it. Nobody wants to lose the secure feeling that a family can provide, but no matter how ideal a family in the terms of their relationship, there are still adversities and mix-ups that will come along the way. It is just part of any relationship anyway. But, the sad part is that when one of the family members gave up and the others have no choice but to accept and let go. Thus, the family starts to be broken. 

This study aimed to intensify the Bata Ko Kalinga Ko Program (My Kids My Care Program) to improve the academic performance of the students from a broken family. It covers the effects of broken family in academic performance of the student. It used the descriptive method of research from which the questions included in the survey questionnaire were crafted based on the readings from various concepts. The main data gathering instrument was the researcher-made questionnaire from which the data gathered were tallied and treated with statistical tool such as the weighted mean. 

Based from the findings respondents agreed that they perform below expectation because of lack of security. There is a significant impact on the academic performances of learners before and after the implementation of the program.

The program should be continuously implemented every school year with sufficient funding from the Students’ Development Fund. Used the Program as the springboard of improving the Academic performance of students at risk and encourage parents to support their children in and out of school were the recommendations offered in the study.

I. Context and Rationale

Family is the place where we first start to train ourself to grow. But alterations have been found to each family. Having healthy and happy family is what everyone’s dream. But many could not succeed it. Due to different challenges, the healthy families have been tested and sometimes end up distorted image. When families keep on competing about expectation the relationships shake and ends.

In an ideal atmosphere, Children should happily be with their parents, they received an affection and feels the comportment as well as security. A house only become a home, when if complete. A home may also become a place of sorrow when is not broken. Family life is in a crisis when some problems stimulated and which causes chaos and sources of pain of the members in the families, which we called broken family. Broken families are those families where parents don’t live together. 

Children suffered deeply once the family has broken, and it and it shows in the later stage of their life.

Based on the needs and understanding of his environment, the students who are the product of broken family usually suffer from anxiety longing for care and lovely home. 

Those students are supposed to enjoy life, but instead they tend to develop an acceptable behavior, they are becoming hostile and reserved. They said , academic performances were greatly affected when the students experience the nurture that they need and the love that will strengthen their personalities 

The researcher who is a high school teacher, a guidance counselor and at the same time a coordinator of Bata Ko Lingap Ko Program, tried to find out the effect of broken family to the academic performance of the students and looked if the implementation of Bata Ko Lingap Ko Program, could help to improve the academic performance of the students. Once the students misbehave, faculty members are encouraged to refer them immediately to the program implementers. This program contacts a student who is having significant difficulty in the classroom. The faculty member requests that Student support intervene. BKLP then contacts the student’s advisor to notify him or her of the potential student at risk and provide intervention to elevate their potentials. 

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