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· Volume II Issue II

The world’s pandemic caused by COVID-19 made a really challenging impact within the educational system, especially in our very own country, the Philippines. Filipinos are known to its character of being highly adaptive. We intent to search out solutions to the issues rather than worrying them. This is often in parallel on the immediate action of the senate for passing the bill entitled, “2020 New Normal for the House Bill 6623. In this bill general precautions for health and security is discussed in detailed. More so, the world of education where schools, colleges, and universities stopped classroom-based or face to face discussions and activities. This led on the use of virtual platforms for online learning and blended. The direct need of elevating standards of public service in the field of education guided by the Department of Education is expected among the educators. Its long way initially begins in the different webinars offered by DepEd-EdTech Unit with the leadership of Mr. Mark Anthony Sy, The Executive Assistant IV to the Undersecretary for Administration Department of Education. Capacitating and equipping the teachers in the different platforms, Learning Management Systems (LMS), and Applications are some of the major objectives of the webinar. In fact, last May 15, 2020, under OUA MEMO 00-0520-0029 the Office of DepEd Undersecretary issued a memo about webinar training on the use of AppsGeyser and Kotobee Author as a tool to support the production of e-learning materials and deliver quality instruction even without internet connectivity. Through this kind of webinar training, teachers were able to utilize the software Kotobee in creating an interactive instructional material. Their creativity and writing skills were enhanced too. This is often one of among various webinars made by Information and Communications Technology Service- Educational Technology Unit (ICTS-ETU) of Department of Education as an immediate response to the needs of teachers for coping to the new normal.

Furthermore, the action made by the said institution served as a place to begin by various Schools Division Offices (SDOs). From then, the emergence of webinars like in SDO-Caloocan with the topics like “Developing Creative and Engaging Video Lessons in the New Normal”, “Teaching Approaches and Strategies for Distance Learning Across Learning Areas, and Online Orientation for Content Writers, Validators and Illustrators on the Guidelines for the Development of Contextualized Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) for All Learning Areas” have equipped many teachers. Since at the end of the webinar, they are requested to make their own output.

Elevating the standard of public service in the new normal focusing on education does not only end by joining webinars, yet teachers’ knowledge and skills in developing the so-called Self-learning Modules (SLMs) are highly indispensable. This impressive action from the different SDOs all over the Philippines is one of the best strategies to reach out, and continue the education, especially among the students who are not capable of providing gadgets like smartphones, laptops or desktop computers. With this, employing of modular approach is good for them.

In relation to the CSC Resolution No. 200540 promulgated on May 7, 2020, the Commission adopted the Revised Interim Guidelines for Alternative Work Arrangements and Support Mechanisms for Workers in the Government, During the Period of State of National Emergency Due to COVID-19 Pandemic under 2.2 Skeletal Workforce has emphasized that minimum number of employees are required to man the office to render service when full staffing is not possible. With this, teachers started reporting on their respective schools to extend help in printing, photocopying, and sorting out of modules followed by the distribution of learners’ modules to the parents.

After the creation of Self-Learning Modules, some selected teachers from the different school’s division offices are requested to create a video lesson presentation in preparation for upcoming opening of the new academic year. This modality of lesson delivery focuses on the content of the lesson. Some qualified teachers are also becoming part of DepEd TV for educational broadcasting. These supplements the learning process of the learners.

Indeed, the gravity of raising the standard of public service in the new normal extended by the educators are not a joke. Courage and technical support from the immediate superiors are what the educators needed most.