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· Volume V Issue II


(Purpose) This study evaluated the difficulties in comprehending and solving word problems in Mathematics among Grade Four – FAITH students at Sto. Tomas Central School, Sto. Tomas, Batangas. It aimed to assess the level of performance of the students who experienced difficulties in comprehending and solving word problems in mathematics and the interventions to be suggested to enhance their skills in mathematics. (Methods) This is a descriptive survey with grade four students as respondents. There were 15 males and 26 females from Grade Four –FAITH section. The mathematics proficiency and performance level of Grade 4 students were described as beginning. The 10-item problem-solving test involving the four fundamental operations was given during the 3rd quarter of the school year 2018-2019 to 41 Grade Four FAITH students. Scores in this test measured their performance level in word comprehension and solving problems in mathematics. (Findings) Results indicate that 87.80% of students got a percentage score of 70 and below. This suggests that many students were having trouble understanding and resolving mathematical word problems.

Keywords: Comprehending, Difficulties, Word Problem


Mathematics is an important foundation and influence on a country's development. The study of mathematics helps individuals to reason and apply such reasoning to everyday problems. Thus, mathematics develops the mind to think critically and analytically.

We in the Philippines cannot ignore the fact that every year graduates from our educational institutions throughout the archipelago lack the necessary mathematical skills. The 1999 results of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Studies showed how far behind the Philippines had been with its other neighboring countries in Asia. In the TIMSS, With a mean score of 358, the Philippines came in third from the bottom, falling short of the international average of 495 by 138 points. The world's worst math performer, South Africa, did not compete, so the Philippines again outperformed only two countries: Morocco (347) and Tunisia (339). This means that Filipino educators need to double the efforts in improving the quality of math education they cater to students.

In the Division of Batangas, the result of the National Achievement test in the last 3 years showed low performance in mathematics. In light of this outcome, remedial evaluation was implemented to raise the students' performance level. The implemented remedial program of the Education Program Supervisor of Mathematics, headed by Elizabeth Tolentino, Ed.D proved to be effective in improving the academic performance of elementary pupils in mathematics in the Division of Batangas Province.

One of the biggest public elementary schools in the province of Batangas is Tomas North Central School. It comprises 2216 student populations, 85 teaching and 3 non-teaching personnel. The school is one of the performing schools in the Division in different aspects. However, in terms of the academic performance of the students in Mathematics, the assessment shows that the students have a low performance level, particularly in Grade 4 Faith. The researcher, who also served as the grade-level adviser, noticed significant difficulties with her students' comprehension and analysis of mathematical word problems. Only 5 out of 41 students could successfully solve word problems with or without the help or supervision from the teacher. This means that there are 87.80% need guidance and support in able for them to understand or comprehend word problems. The researcher believes that there is a need to diagnose their mathematical proficiency on the basic mathematical concepts that may have acquired. It is the responsibility of the school to provide pupils with a solid foundation in mathematical ideas and symbols so that they won't be left behind when they continue their education in higher education. Because of this, the researcher tried to evaluate the student's ability to understand and solve word problems in mathematics in Grade IV—FAITH.


In gathering the data, the researchers sought first permission from the school principal to administer her study. The test will then be distributed to the Grade Four-Faith pupils. There will be ten (10) items of word problems in mathematics that focus on solving word problems. This aims to determine the difficulties of pupils in comprehending and solving word problems. The score in the test was recorded and computed the percentage score. Those students who’ve got a percentage score of 80% and above remarks passed, while the students who got a percentage score of 70% and below marked failed and were therefore subject to the study.

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