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Castillo, Kennith C.

Corpuz, John Patrick M.

Tapat, Rustin Jarlen D.

Totol, Clarence P.

Balayan Senior High School

· Volume V Issue IV


This study aims to develop and evaluate a Learner’s Portal for the Registrar’s School Management System at Balayan Senior High School. The portal's purpose was to enhance the efficiency of managing student files and information. Through a systematic approach, the researchers utilized various programming tools and methodologies to create a user-friendly digital platform tailored to the specific needs of the school community. Drawing from principles of User-Centered Design and insights from related literature and studies, a robust system was implemented to manage student records, facilitate online transactions, and track school activities. Tools such as Visual Studio Code, MySQL Database, Apache Web Server, and others were utilized in designing and implementing the portal's interface and functionality. Rigorous testing and debugging were conducted to optimize the portal for performance and reliability, addressing potential challenges and limitations along the way. The final product emerged as a valuable tool for both students and the registrar, offering convenience, efficiency, and accessibility in managing essential school credentials. This study contributes to the advancement of educational technology and school management practices, providing insights and recommendations for future research and development in this field.